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The Random Recap | Freddie Is Nice!

The Random Recap

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Mar 4th, 2011
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This week has gone really fast. I remember Monday. I remember thinking, wow, I have a lot to do and be a part of this week!  Well, here are some things about my week.

Realization: somewhere during pregnancy I started liking sweets. This is bad.

I don’t eat dairy anymore. The Dr. thinks it could be affecting Elias. So I’m giving it a try. It’s really hard, I miss eating handfuls of cheese.

We are trying to help Elias sleep better, he’s much happier when he does. Well, really we all are! Next we’ll work on mom’s sleep.

RC United (small groups) kicked off this week, we had 5 people at our house, good food, great conversation and prayer. I am a big fan.

I got a massage, free, from the hospital, for having a baby. I should have babies more often. Wait, uh, maybe I’ll pay for the next one.

Time with God is so important, I don’t like who I am when I don’t find my strength in Him!

I swear, every time Mo is out for the evening I eat half the box of animal crackers!  I’m addicted to the Aldi brand.

I love starting a conversation with the clerk. If you are too interested they start to look at you crazy, but people matter so I do it anyway.

Part of my nighttime routine is setting up the coffee maker for auto brew and refilling the humidifiers. I can’t go to bed until it’s done.  I’ve even stopped brushing my teeth when I run out of time.

Mardi Gras Outreach #14 is in session NOW. It is the first in 14 years that I’ve missed. Since I’m not there I’ve been praying extra for my friends, leaders, for the beautiful city and people of New Orleans. Huge things will happen this week, and people will know Jesus!  Winning!

Elias is super cute, but he doesn’t like it when I sleep too much.

I’m planning ahead, working out details for trips and vacations we may take this year. We might actually know our schedule in advance.

I still brush my teeth.

The massage was much needed, it was glorious. Jesus loves me!

Tell us something from your week!


  • Ruth

    Let’s see…
    Monday I can’t remember much of.
    Tuesday I got free pancakes at IHOP for National Pancake Day.
    Wednesday I went to the chiropractor. Also had 2 great meetings with 2 awesome ladies.
    Thursday I found out I’m pregnant.
    Friday night we went on a date to Ikea.
    Today we visited people from church cuz the power was out and we didn’t have service.

    So yeah, overall a pretty good week. ;)

  • freddieisnice

    You get the prize for Best Comment of The Year!

  • mo

    I can’t believe you’re giving up animal crackers. Don’t do it! More free massages!

  • erna(formerly "the other erin")

    I’m with MO! More free massages! Baby Chowdhury is going to need friends ;)

  • Mina

    If inirtmaofon were soccer, this would be a goooooal!

  • http://www./

    gracias paolinha. Running terapéutico, me partooo. 1km, estirar. 1km, estirar. Y tu manteniendo el tipo, si señora.Gracias por “sacarme de paseo” durante esa semana que fui parado/jubilado

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