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Pass the Pancakes Please | Freddie Is Nice!

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Pass the Pancakes Please

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May 7th, 2011
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A couple weeks ago my friend Netta was talking to us about the importance of doing good and learning from those who are a bit farther down the road than us.  And not just stopping there, while there are characteristics, skills and good deeds that we need to learn from others, we also have to pass along these things to others.  We should be receiving, but we should also be giving. We should all have a Paul, and a Silas.

Becoming a stay at home mom has been quite a transition. I am thankful for the transition, even though I sometimes act like a crazy person in the middle of it  (thank you to The Husband for putting up with me). Anyway, that’s not what this is about. I have been in my house a lot more than usual these past four months. I see my house as home, work, and play, and I love it. I have been learning how to make good use of my home to bless others. I’ve heard people refer to the kitchen as the heart of the home. I agree, I love making things for people, and mostly I make food type things, in the kitchen (of course).

While I was preparing a meal last week for some friends of ours, I realized something that goes right along with Netta’s talk about giving and receiving. My favorite recipes are from women who have passed on much wisdom, love, knowledge, and life experience to me! Check this out…

  • My favorite dessert to entertain with is Pumpkin Bars (in Minnesota we bake things on cookie sheets and call them “bars”). It’s my mom’s recipe. I didn’t realize how famous it was until I was out on my own and tried the recipe on some friends.  I was instantly popular.  My mom has taught me so much, obviously…she’s my mom! She is full of faith, hard working, compassionate,  resourceful, and more. I love her.
  • My favorite crockpot recipe and a tasty dinner is Southwest Chicken, which comes from Bonnie Grogan. Yes, THE Bonnie Grogan. Bonnie is a second mom to me. She’s a fellow Minnesotan, so we have that bond, and she also makes bars. I can’t tell you how much I love Bonnie. She always has practical advice, or encouragement. She cares, she works hard, she pays attention.  She’s invested a lot in me.
  • Who doesn’t love Homemade Pizza!  The best crust recipe ever is from….Netta!! A woman of God who shares her life openly with many, and is an amazing mom, teacher, wife and pastor. I was blessed to have met her as soon as I got to the Detroit area.


Ok, my turn..

Remember the second part. Not only do I have the privilege of learning from others who are farther along than me, and much better cooks. But it’s my job to pass on to others as well. If you come to visit , or just come over, there’s a good chance I will make you Oatmeal Pancakes for breakfast. Or, if you’re lucky, maybe even for dinner! I love these pancakes, I found the recipe online, so I can’t take full credit, but I have adapted it a little.  I freeze the leftovers and then pop them in the toaster when I’m ready to eat them. They are healthy and filling.

I hope to pass on more than just a recipe. I want people to know Jesus more because of me. But I love that something as simple as food can be an example of Jesus. He gave us himself, so that we could have a relationship with the Father. God is so good.

I love these three ladies who have invested their lives in me and so many others. Happy Mothers day Mom, Bonnie and Netta!

Oatmeal Pancakes Recipe


  • Mama Miett

    Thank you! I have been wanting this recipe ever since April told me about it! Would love to have other healthy recipes from you too! :)

    • Freddie

      sweet! I’ll try to think of some, maybe I’ll make a recipe section on here :)

      What kinds of things do you cook? Do you have any yummy crock pot recipes? I need new ones! I know you’re famous for your crepes….yum.

  • Netta

    Freddie! Thank you for such kind words. Your transition from crazy-workin-girl to stay-home-mom has been smooth as far as I can tell. Plus, you still do so much for the Xmin ministry and the church from your home. And… your little man is so happy & joyful and makes everyone feel special cuz he smiles at all of us. What a blessing your family is to our’s!

    • Freddie

      Only because God is great, and he gives us everything we need, like an amazing support system with church, friends, and family. Love the Chiltons! Love learning from you Netta!

    • Jane

      I love them. I'm working on my first at the moment for my neighbour. It's not even a planned pattern – all the scraps are odd shapes so I'm just working with what I've got. I don't pick the colours to coonsisucly go with anything else, although if it's too similar to the next one I might sway it, BUT I do pick them for useful shape, like a jigsaw. I'll blog about it soon ans try an remember to let you know.

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  • erna


    Thanks for the extra encouragement to pursue our Pauls, Silases and Timothys! I’m so glad to have YOU as part of our family!

    Love Ya Sis’!

  • Stephanie A. Williamd

    Hi Freddie! Happy b-lated Mother’s Day! U ought 2 b celebrated every day…so, why not today. SMiLe. I loved this read. Thx u 4 reminding me of the importance of having both Paul(s) & Silas(es) in our lives. Sooooo looking 4ward 2 trying those pancakes and 4 future discussions about Jesus w/YOU.

  • mo

    you’re making me hungry!


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