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Aug 10th, 2011
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Some days I really have to dig deep inside to figure out where I might have took the wrong turn. The other day I had one of those times with Jesus. I can always tell when something isn’t right. And so can my husband, he’s very gifted.

Nothing is seriously wrong, except that I get my priorities mixed up sometimes. A lot. The other problem is that God is not on my list of priorities. Only because He is supposed to be my everything. The problems come when that gets mixed up with other things that seem urgent, are more visible and in my face. Maybe you have a similar issue as me. I start getting busy with things (mostly good things) and then stress, tension, situations creep in and instead of enjoying what I do I find myself maintaining and just trying to stay afloat while I keep everything running sufficiently. That is not the way I’m supposed to live.

At Real Church we started a new series called Margin. It’s about what occupies the space that is leftover in our lives. Yea, my first thought was, “what space?!” But, I was quickly confronted with the reality that living without margin is not only wrong, it’s just not right. Nor is it fun. When I don’t have my priorities straight, and the truth that God is God, and I am not. Then everything suffers.

I just finished reading Good to Great by Jim Collins. One of the attitudes that can make us great and keep the correct perspective is “First Who, Then What”. In business, or leadership, or really any part of life, you make sure you have the right people rather than focusing on the what, or the task first. With the right people (first), the right things will get done. Take this attitude and think about our spiritual life. God is more concerned with my character and WHO I am, not what I do. He’s not worried about me changing the world, he wants to change me. We cannot neglect our character, it’s who we are. If we are built on the solid foundation of Christ, I guarantee our lives would be solid.

When I fail to put God in His rightly place in my life, things get stressful, relationships suffer, and life just gets wild. I have to have constant communication with God, the one who is the author and leader. John had the right idea…

He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less. John 3:30

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