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Mish Mash and Good Times. | Freddie Is Nice!

Mish Mash and Good Times.

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Oct 4th, 2011
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I’m still here.

Lot’s going on. So many challenges, excitement, growth. Plenty of things to deter me from writing, but I haven’t forgotten you. Speaking of growth. Um, the Babychild won’t stop growing. All of you who kept telling me they grow up fast, take lots of pictures, and they’ll be out of the house before you know it….yea, I think I kinda understand that. Where in the world have the last 9 months gone!?

Life is so great. No matter how busy I get, I can think of a hundred things that make me happy, that make me thankful and that put a smile on my face. My to do list has never been bigger, I’ve got dreams that are waiting, hobbies that are resting for the time being, new adventures in the works, friends that need a phone call and some catch up. Oh, life is FULL. And I love it.

Yea, I do wish at the end of every day I could feel “finished” with everything. Ha, I have no idea what I’d do if that happened. I don’t think I function well without multi-tasking, and being busy. Although, I have been making a point to find quiet times. Usually before the little one wakes up, or late (too late) at night when he’s sleeping. Funny how much of life revolves around sleep schedules now. Oh my, this is my scrambly brain, but hey, what else is a blog for if I can’t dump out these thoughts?!

Well, here’s a picture of the babby a few weeks ago, right before his big boy hair cut!

Love you all.



  • Katy

    Freddie you seriously amaze me! For being one who has such a busy schedule your attitude and character is always consistent! I can never tell when you are stressed out or tired or busy, you continue to love and put others first! I want to be like you in that way! Thank you so much for everything you do ( you do so much and I should thank you way more than I do) and for setting aside your hobbies to invest into XMin and so many other lives! I LOVE YOU!


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