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Whirly Birds & Joy | Freddie Is Nice!

Whirly Birds & Joy

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Oct 22nd, 2011
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Does it make you chuckle when you find yourself talking about the weather? Why is it such a big part of our lives? Our conversations? It’s funny to me. I guess it is a big deal.

Well, Fall has come, and it’s beautiful. I’m privileged to live in the Midwest again, and I am enjoying the changing of the seasons. Especially the whirly birds and helicopters falling from the trees. Michigan is about the same as Minnesota, until you get into Winter, then it’s nothing like MN! Of course, no matter where you live you’ll hear folks complaining about the weather, and it just makes me laugh. I think we’ve had some awesome days this year. Afterall, the days are what we make of them.

Ok, enough about the weather. See what I did there? The first few moments of our conversation were about the weather! It’s so typical.

Now lets talk about the kids. Babychild is the only one we have, but he is enough! Ha, he’s a handful…of joy and fun!  I’m reading a book about “The Art of Nurturing Boys”. I have two opinions. Yes, it is an art (one that I’m just beginning to learn), and the title of the book is Wild Things. Yes, that completely summarizes the Babychild. You can have a little glimpse of what I mean here. Enjoy!

I love having daily adventures with Elias, he’s at a really fun age, he’s starting to interact and becoming more of a BOY!  I know this is old news, but here’s his haircut from last month.

Since becoming a mom, I have a completely new outlook on relationships, time, life, God.  My prayers have changed, and my days are so full. Everything changed. They said it would. I love it, I wouldn’t change where God has me for one minute. Yes, there are challenges and there are changes that have been really hard for me. But, as I reflect on the changing seasons, and get ready for the Winter (and for the Babychild to turn 1) I can’t help but remember that God is the giver of life, and the one in charge of my life. He knows exactly what I need.  Having a solid relationship with Jesus is exactly what I’ve needed to carry me through the shaky moments, and the weaknesses, insecurities and challenges that life brings. I pray that your life is full of love, joy and Jesus.

Happy Fall!



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  • Gwenna

    Oh yay! I’m glad you are reading that book. What do you think? Motherhood… so many thoughts about that. I’d love to talk to you someday about that transition. It’s the hardest and best thing I’ve ever done. So much to learn… Love to you all!


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